4Sight is our way of helping you analyze and evaluate what human risks there are in your everyday life. We do this through our proprietary process of examining 4 primary Pillars or types of risk: Digital Risk, Physical Risk, Financial Risk and Compliance Risk. For more information on each of these 4 Pillars of risk management. please read below.


Below you can explore more about each of our 4 pillars of risk management.


Digital risk is all around us – everywhere. We can’t even see most of it, but it is clearly a top concern for all of us in today’s world. So much of what used to be normal human interaction has moved online, from electronic banking to shopping to working remotely. 

At Winter-Dent, we’re focused on educating individuals and their families about the elements of Digital Risk that are so important to understand. Next, we focus on “what to do if …” – or more likely “ when” – some sort of digital intruder shows up. Our Digital Risk Practice can also help us give you clarity and valuable insight into tools and monitoring options to continue to improve the stability of this critical Pillar.


Because humans are living, breathing beings who live in a “physical” world, we face Physical Risk. We have assets we need to protect – physical things we can touch or see, such as property or vehicles –  as well as our physical bodies and mental well-being. Think of health insurance or a Medicare Supplement. 

And because we are humans – beings capable of independent thought and action – we can also cause injury or damage to other humans or their property – either accidentally or intentionally. You’ve likely heard of liability insurance? This is where it comes into play.

This crucial second Pillar is the one most people think of when they think of insurance. But to us, it’s just one fourth of your risk profile.


As human beings, each with our unique DNA, we bring our own individual “human currency” to the world — our own set of  skills and talents. But of course, we also depend on “capital currency.” We live in a world where money matters, and we all face financial risks in every area of our lives as a result. 

We may encounter a health crisis. Or lose our home to a natural disaster. We start a business, but not succeed. Or lose a job, and struggle to find another. Uncertainty is a part of life. But as much as humanly possible, being prepared can help. It can give us a sense of security and peace of mind that’s invaluable.  

As experts in safeguarding this essential third Pillar, the advisors at Winter-Dent can help reduce the impact financial fiascos might have on you.


Our fourth and final Pillar in our propriety 4Sight process, Compliance Risk, has taken on an increasingly important role in lately. Another way to think about this Pillar is in terms of “human dignity.” As human beings, we all face Compliance Risk in many areas of our lives: as employees, bosses, parents, children, students, citizens and more. 

Witness the powerful social movements that have gained steam recently, advocating for human rights, equal rights, living wages, an end to discriminatory practices and more. As humans, we’re all impacted by Compliance Risk. 

We make it a priority to stay on top of changing laws and business practices that impact this vital final Pillar, to help ensure you’re living the most enjoyable, productive and best-quality life you can.


Whatever stage you’re at in your life, we want to understand your needs as an individual, and put together a plan to help protect you and your loved ones — now, and as your needs change.

And once we begin a relationship, it doesn’t stop there: True to our philosophy of Humans Helping Humans, we want to be a key partner in your life for many years to come.